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Here at Family Home Center, We look out after YOU, by offering the following items as STANDARDS in our Homes;

1. 2X6 Sidewalls

2. Vinyl Clad Thermal Payne Windows

3. Dishwasher

4. 1 Piece Tubs & Showers *

5. Porcelain Bath Sinks *

6. 40 gallon Electric W/H

7. Upgraded Insulation

8. OSB Wrap on Exterior Walls with House Wrap

9. House Type Rear Door (Inswing)

10. Water Shut Off valves

11. Frost Proof Exterior Faucet

12. Extra Electrical Outlet (Exterior)

Schult Homes Of Middlebury, IN - Single Wides, Sectionals & State Code Modulars (American Homestead, Heritage & Freedom)

Fleetwood Homes Of Lafayette, TN - Sandalwood XL * Canyon Lake

TruMH Homes Of White Pine, TN - Single Section & Multi Section "A Lot Of Square Footage For Your Money"

Redman Homes Of Topeka, IN -  Single Wides, Sectionals & State Code Modulars

Commodore Homes of PA - Single Wides, Sectionals & State Code Modulars

Specializing in Single Section, Multi Section and State Code Compliant Modular Homes!

Welcome to Family Home Center! We are located in New Lexington, Ohio and have been established since 1999. Family Home Center is a locally owned company. We serve the Central, Eastern, Northern & Southern Ohio Areas. We sell some of the best Manufactured and Modular Homes from some of the TOP Manufactures in the Country. So stop in today and let us help you find the home of your dreams.


"Where EVERY NEW HOME PRICE Includes Delivery, Set-Up & Central A/C!"




* - N/A in TruMH Models


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